Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2017

If you didn't read the review of Google I/O 2017 in Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, California, click here to read it first.

Let's talk about Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2017. There were two extended events in Sri Lanka. One was organized by dialog with GDG (Google Developer Group) Sri Lanka and the other one was organized by Mobitel. Both events were organized perfectly. The official I/O extended event in Sri Lanka was organized by GDG Sri Lanka with the collaboration of Dialog and Ideamart. I participated in the official one :)

The Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2017, hosted by Dialog, was held from 6.00 p.m. to next day 6.00 a.m. in BMICH. A robot battle, an exhibition, many sessions were concurred with the Google I/O Extended. The robot battle and the exhibition was open for everyone. But the sessions and the chance to watch Google I/O live streaming were for only pre-registered heads.

The robot battle called "Chromium Collision" was held from 1.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. at BMICH. About 30 teams participated in Chromium Collision robot battle and yes… Our Kuzuri Robotics team (Sasindu, Manodya, Yasiru, Me) also participated for Chromium Collision robot battle. Unfortunately we were unable to win.
Our Team (Kuzuri Robotics)

I would like to thank GDG Sri Lanka and Dialog to organize Chromium Collision robot battle to give us an amazing new experience. It was an amazing new experience for all who participated in the battle and who came there to see it.
Winners of Chromium Collision robot battle
The exhibition, concurred with Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka was held from 12.30 p.m. onwards at BMICH. WSO2, Bhasha Lanka, Zone 24*7,, Airimac, Magic IO, etc were there to update us about their new innovations, products, new trends, their offers, etc. And some of them gave us freebies such as laptop stickers, caps, t-shirts, coupons, etc. Thank you all who gave us freebies (Specially WSO2 and Dialog).

But the most important freebie was Google I/O Extended t-shirt. Organizers gave them to all who registered for the event. And brains, who solved 'Time Trek" challenge, could have an orange colour t-shirt. Photos of both t-shirts are below.

The event was started with a the keynote by Dialog and GDG. After that, following sessions and activities were held.
  • Speech on 'Google and you' by Tharaka Devinda,Michela Thalagala & Roshanth Gardiarachchi 
  • Speech about Ballerina (Java library that makes easy to code and allows you to code in Sinhala and Tamil) by Dr.Sanjiva Weerawarana from WSO2 
  • A comedy by Janai Priyai 
  • Session by Arimac (their story) 
  • Google I/O 2017 Live streaming 
  • Brief of new trends, features and innovations, done by Ideamart and Dialog, by Shafraz Rahim 
  • Entertainment segment by Iraj and his team 
  • Speech about Google cloud platform by Mika Igarashi 
  • Mentoring session (how to become a good full stack developer) and a short brief about CakeLabs by Hasitha Liyanage
  • Entertainment segment by Akunu
  • Speech on 'Do or Die' (Very helpful for people who need to become a co-founder) by Malinda Prasad
  • SLASSCOM (Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies) speech by Shevan Goonethilake
  • Brief about Google products that can be used for our startups by Sajini Jayawardena 
  • Speech and an entertainment segment by GBG Colombo (Google Business Group). 
  • Speech about the next milestone of Helakuru by Dhanika Perera. 
  • Speech on 'The path to silicon valley' by HyperHash Brief about TensorFlow by Raveen Harith
  • etc.

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